Penny Walker (14 Feb 2012)
"Ufo dream"

Hi please use discernment, i was in a countryside setting in lovely green valley (i live in a very beautiful part of britain) there were lots of people around me looking to the sky in awe. I am not sure what they were viewing but then ufos appeared lots of them, the people seemed amazed and transfixed staring at these space ships, a few of these ships began moving closer, the people still stood and stared. Suddenly all the ships began swooping low and panic began to spread through the crowd, they began to run pushing each other, some tripping and falling. The ufo crews, although i never saw them seemed to relish the peoples terror. The ufos kept swooping and chasing people seeming to target certain individuals, the fear was palpable, As i was watching this terryfying experience i was able to view from inside the ufo cockpit, i could feel the hatred the crew had for the people they chased, it was like a cat and mouse chase they didnt kill the people at first their pleasure seemed to intensify the more terrified the people became. Horrible dream. I never saw the "pilots" but they were evil!