Penny Walker (14 Feb 2012)
"Ukraine soldiers dream"

Hi a disturbing dream, please use your own God given discernment. I was house hunting apparently on my own, it was a beautiful spring/summer day in idyllic english countryside. I parked my car and began walking down a single lane narrow road, this road meandered through green grassy countryside gently declining to a stream with a small stone bridge and then inclining again after the bridge, visualise very english pretty country garden scene such as thomas kinkade paints. In the dip of the road stood a cottage, i wandered down towards it as i got close to the house i could hear voices aproaching, they were male, loud and  deep, i looked ahead and saw two tall men dressed in black military uniforms coming down this same road toward me although they appeared not to see me yet. These men spoke clear english but in gutteral accents, i thought russian but immediately i then new they were from the ukraine. I know absolutely nothing of the ukraine but googled and it is linked to russia. I felt fear and knew i did not want to meet these two so ran into the cottage as i was running i passed an oriental girl of about age 18 or so. Where she appeared from i dont know as nobody previously had been visible, i grabbed her hand and pulled her with me into the house, she seemed disorientated and unaware of the impending danger. We ran upstairs, she went into a room, i could hear the soldiers downstairs, i tied to get her to keep running and go up the next flight of stairs but she stayed in the room. I climbed another staircase and entered into a room as i did the door closed behind me. A man was there in the shadows i could not see him, but i knew he was there in this room with me. He did not scare me at all, all i wanted was to get the door open so i could go back out and find the girl and bring her up there with me. There was no handle on the inside of the door, i couldnt get out, as i was trying i could hear her screams, at this point i will not elaborate but i knew what these men were doing to this girl and hit was horrific. She had had a small dog with her and i heard it yelp in pain then silence fell. The emotional pain i felt was intense and i was heart broken. I dont remember much more of this dream only that i was safe in this upper top floor room, but unable to leave to help anybody.