Paul Wilson (8 Feb 2012)
"RE: Paul Wilson Why does God allow 55 million babies to be aborted every year"

55 Million is the worldwide per year number. Yes in America it is just over 1 mil per year. The 55 mil is the most recent per year and can’t be extended to all the years. Like a company produced 4,000 units last year, produces 6,000 units this year, and 10,000 units next year you couldn’t say next year after looking at the per year total for that year that they must have produced 30,000 units in 3 years. Worldwide, as stated, was over 90 years time and is based on numbers available that about 1 billion had been aborted by about 2005 so you factor in MA pills and BC pills and the additional years you have about 1.5 billion.
Diane Gilbert (7 Feb 2012)
"Paul Wilson: "Why does God allow 55 million babies to be aborted every year?"

Paul, your topic headline is in conflict with your own statement in the text:


                   In America 55 million have been aborted in the past 51 years not counting BC and MA pills.


In that case, 1.08 million babies in the U.S. are being aborted annually, not 55 million.  55 Million over the past 51 years would equal 2 billion, 805 million babies aborted.  Impossible. 


Diane Gilbert