Paul Wilson (6 Feb 2012)
"Why does God allow 55 million babies to be aborted every year? Their blood cries out to the Heavens. « Rapture In The Air Now ~"

I didn’t start this thread but am including my post in it please do go read the whole thread.

Here is another sobering stat in the past 90 years taking into account pregnancies prevented by birth control, abortions done physically and abortions from morning after pills 1.5 Billion, with a B, have been killed in the womb. In America 55 million have been aborted in the past 51 years not counting BC and MA pills.

Using the highest holocaust numbers you have 26 mil soviet civilian deaths and 21 mil other people deaths for a total of 47 million killed in the holocaust. We have surpassed that in the states and now, as shown above, we kill more every year in the world then hitler did in his 6 years of war.

The world comforts itself saying the Nazis were monsters and we are enlightened and could never do what they did. Well we do ...... every year.