Paul Wilson (6 Feb 2012)
"Another 12 thought"

e already know that the 12 tribes names are above 12 gates and the 12 apostles names are on the foundations, and I have made a case for 12 levels to the NJ (I think the 1st would be public given people in eternity come in and out of it)( but what names could be associated with the levels?? Then I thought it has to be 12 patriarchs. The most logical would be Adam - Shem for the 11 housing levels them being the 11 pre flood patriarchs (10 of which are patriarchs to the whole world), interesting how it works out there are 11 pre flood and 11 housing, and have the 1st level be Abraham the most important post flood patriarch. Since Paradise was Abraham's bosom I thought it appropriate he be the 1st level. So in order from the twelfth level:

12 Adam
11 Seth
10 Enos
9 Cainan
8 Mahalaleel
7 Jared
6 Enoch
5 Methuselah
4 Lamech
3 Noah
2 Shem

1 Abraham

It fits all the 12's we see. I hope this hasn't been posted by someone already but I didn't see it when I looked. Another thought was zip codes since people in the MK we work with might wish to contact us and letters would probably be the best way and also we may wish to write to one another in the NJ. (be nice to see the lost art of letter writing revived in the NJ and MK). So I though perhaps if you divide length into 144 (12x12) sections and width into 144 sections you get 20736 (12 to the 4th) sections. A persons address could follow this pattern:

Number Street Name
Level Name New Jerusalem ZIP

For example:

Paul Wilson
1521 Scotland Ave
Cainan New Jerusalem 17295

any thoughts anyone??