Paul Wilson (20 Feb 2012)
"what are your thoughts on this theory I saw???"

I saw one site that mentioned they felt that there are 12 levels to the NJ because there are 12 foundations. That there will be foundation #1 and level 1 then up aways foundation #2 and level 2 and so on till you get foundation #12 and level 12. What do Y'all think???

I agree with the thought of 12 levels to the NJ but am not sure what to think about this foundations thought. I have always been taught the foundations were one on top of the other stacked 12 high and that the city was on top of them. I admit it always seemed strange to have 12 foundations for the city to be built on and that having each one be for a different level kind of make sense. With a multi-level NJ it would make sense to have the wall extend all the way up to the top.