Paul Wilson (2 Feb 2012)
"RE: Beware of random posters popping up on rapture forums correcting your views"

Do you realize you are describing the “perfect” liberal/progressive?? the donkeyist donkey??
I would add however if all they disagree with is the great “O” being the AC I wouldn’t condemn. I don’t think he is BUT I also don’t think it is important for us, who will be raptured, to know who the AC is. It isn't going to keep you from the rapture if you don’t know nor is the any reward I know of one gets for knowing the identity of the AC.
Nicole (1 Feb 2012)
"Beware of random posters "popping" up on rapture forums "correcting" your views"

Let's be real, we all know that agencies are infiltrating Christian forums to "correct" our thinking as well as going into Facebook and Twitter.   Let's be real, that they want to try to correct our thinking that Obama is not the antichrist, that the bio-chip is not the mark of the beast it is just the precursor and it is necessary to counteract terrorism.....that it is OK to take DNA samples of all citizens because it is necessary to combat fraud.

Obama is not the antichrist yet.   But he will become the antichrist after the rapture.   And the microchip/RFID tattoo IS the mark of the beast.    The QR codes with scanning your phone and paying for things with your cell phone is the precursor to the mark.  

I have been on many rapture forums and Christian forums and these people are popping up everywhere at the last minute.   They are BENT on proving you wrong and telling you that Obama is not the antichrist, that he is eligible for being President, that he is a good man, that he is going to change America for the better, the rapture is a hoax, that FEMA camps are fake, that the microchip is not the mark of the beast, that the Bible is the mark of the beast, that abortion is necessary if a person is raped or the baby has deformities, that the Bible has errors and is not the inspired Word of God, that the book of Enoch is evil and stay away, that you cannot watch the signs in the Heavens because it is astrology,  that signs and wonders from God is witchcraft,  that gay people go to Heaven, that gay marriage is good, that gays should serve in the military, that we should reduce our carbon footprint, that global warming is real BASED on carbon emissions from people and not that every planet in our entire solar system is heating up or that we are experiencing a solar maximum, that all roads lead to Heaven, that God created the universe through evolution, to tell you that vaccines are good, that if you take the mark of the beast and take it out you can be saved (FALSE ONCE A PERSON TAKES IT EVEN IF THEY TAKE IT OUT THEY ARE CONDEMNED FOREVER), that over time Hell disintegrates and the people don't exist anymore, that Jesus is only one prophet of many, that Jesus is only the Son of God and not God Himself, that Jesus is not God and so He does not know the day and hour of His own rapture (which is CLEARLY A LIE BECAUSE HE KNOWS EVERYTHING AND THIS WAS A REFERENCE HE MADE TO JEWS ABOUT THE ANCIENT JEWISH WEDDING) and the list goes on and on.

It really doesn't matter how much the government tries to use MK Ultra mind control, electromagnetic waves, popping up on the internet to discredit me or "change" my thinking, subliminal messages in adverts, this point, it is not going to work.

These government people can believe what they want, they can sway the lukewarm, but stop trying to "convert" the faithful to Jesus Christ.   Because we will hold out to the bitter end.   Even through death.   And seriously that isn't going to happen either because Jesus is not going to allow these creeps to get a hold of His bride.