Paul Wilson (2 Feb 2012)
"Eternal or Everlasting? "

In Wikipedia it explains “While in the popular mind, eternity (or foreverness) often simply means existence for a limitless amount of time, many have used it to refer to a timeless existence altogether outside time. By contrast, infinite temporal existence is then called sempiternity. Something eternal exists outside time; by contrast, something sempiternal exists throughout an infinite time. Sempiternity is also known as everlastingness.”  the word in the bible is translated both as eternity and as everlasting. Given that we are told that the people in the lake of fire are tormented day and night, a TIMEFRAME, and that the tree of life produces it’s fruit one a month, a TIMEFRAME, it would seem that time continues to exist in eternity and that the better translation using Wikipedia as a guide is everlasting for eternal and sempiternity for eternity. thoughts please.