Paul Wilson (14 Feb 2012)
"RE: PLEASE pray for my son - Try this"

Try to anoint his room, like the doors and windows, with some olive oil you have blessed and anoint him nightly right before bed with the same oil (especially make a cross on his forehead and heart). Make sure it is after his bath so it doesn’t get washed off. Try communion with him before bed too. ( you could just use grape juice given his age but I don’t think 1/4-1/2 a oz. of kosher wine would hurt him). I take nightly communion and find it helps me with my sinning so I am sure it would help with other things like scary dreams. Your boy will be in my prayers (you too). I care so much for children and hate to see them suffer at the hands of the enemy.
Amanda (13 Feb 2012)
"PLEASE pray for my son and his demonic attacks--URGENT"

Hello my doves family,

My heart breaks as I type this because I'm asking for prayer for my son who just last night had the worst demonic attack.  I had him go to bed at 9:00 pm and I had gone down to sit with my ipad and read Five Doves when I heard him frantically calling me and he shot out of his bed and ran down to me like a speed of light.  His heart was pounding on my chest and he was EXTREMELY disturbed and crying/shaking. 

(my son who is 10-years-old has had scary dreams here and there and sometimes he lies in bed scared and will fall back asleep or comes to get me.  He lately has been having more scary dreams, me also, and he woke up I would say a month to two months ago seeing the devil he says behind his door.  That definetely scared him enough and me to get him some nice night lights to not feel so scared.)

But last night, Saturday, February 11, was the WORST by far.  I will explain what he told me and maybe you guys can possibly either help me or tell me of similar images or maybe someone has seen this.  I just need help with this if any can help.  He had not fallen asleep but was about to and he happenned to look up in the same direction that he saw the devil before and he said he saw a man get really big and then shrink down to normal size but have the built of big muscles with his arm up clenched fist like this demonic/satan wanted to punch my son.  My son saw horns and scary face.  He said this time he saw exact details.  He knew he had to run right by it to get out of his bedroom and to me. 

I tried calming him down telling we have nothing to fear (but really how do you look your son in the eyes as he has just something so scary).  He's convinced its the devil.  I prayed for him and went straight up to his room and claimed the blood of Christ over his room, that are of his room.  I told any evil to flee....saying to the room the battle has been won.  I even felt fearful.  Please pray for my son and also me.  If anyone has anything else helpful or similar experiences to explain to me why he saw that...that would hugely help me!

Thank you so much for reading,