Paul Wilson (11 Feb 2012)
"RE: TO Edwina RE IN FOR A LONG HAUL......"

If you truly believe this then you are dismissing this year as a possible rapture and next year. So you aren’t watching. IF you are watching this year and next then you obviously doubt your own numbers. So which is it?
As for me I watch everyday and refuse to try to limit the start to a particular feast or some celestial event. the moons are interesting but there is no specific sign of the rapture and the only sign to show the trib has started is the signing of the treaty. I won’t give up on this year being the year of both.
Bruce Warner (10 Feb 2012)
"TO: Edwina RE: "IN FOR A LONG HAUL"......"

Hi Edwina,

I may be just as wrong as the 'next guy', but the 'next guy' has never
been right!  For something that Christians have been waiting for over
2,000 years a few more years doesn't seem like too much longer for us
to wait. We are all anxious for our rapture to happen soon, but we
will just have to wait until the appointed time. We need to
continually search the Scriptures for the clues given us there,

I do believe that Scripture tells us that the first-half of the 70th
Week of Daniel is 1,260 days long, and the second-half is 1,290 days
in length totaling 2,550 days which is exactly "one seven". I also
believe that the 70th Week will begin on a future Feast of Trumpets
seven-years before the Second Coming of our Lord. It is interesting to
note that from Feast of Trumpets September 24, 2014 to sunset Day of
Atonement September 17. 2021 there are exactly 2,250 days. No other
near future seven-year span of days fits like this particular one
does. Therefore, I believe that the next possible day for the 70th
Week of Daniel to begin is Feast of Trumpets September 24, 2014.

This particular Feast of Trumpets is also THE ONE between the
blood-moon eclipses in 2014 and 2015. I believe that between now and
then Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities, and there will come
out of that a seven-year "covevenant with many" beginning Feast of
Trumpets September 24, 2014. I may be just as wrong as the next guy,
but I am not wrong yet!

YBIC, Bruce Warner