Patti C (16 Feb 2012)
"You Go Girl!!!"


(RE: Amanda (15 Feb 2012)
"Thank you everyone for your help")
We do not realize that simple inanimate objects can carry such negative energy that Satan can use against us.  I have been a born again Christian since 1978, but carried a deck of Tarot cards around with me packed away in stuff from long ago.  A couple of years ago, when I felt that I was being demonically attacked the Lord told me to go through all the things that I have kept over the years and get rid of anything that could be considered an idol.

I came across those tarot cards and knew that they were worth a great deal of money, because they were an original set, buried in a house in Sebastopol Calif…where Alistair Crowley had a great deal of influence on the NWO with his deck of cards….lots of satanic stuff happened in and about Santa Rosa CA…Bohemian Grove is near there.

This was an original deck from the 40’s and a misprint on top of that!!!

It would be worth thousands and thousands of dollars to the right person involved in the occult.  I was totally broke when I found them in a box of stuff….could have used that windfall….but, instead I sat in front of my wood stove, here in Montana, and burned each and every one of those cards.
To make a long story short…we have to be all in with Christ…this world and all its temptations have to go!!!

I then went through all my things and got rid of anything that did not have to do with Jesus.  I was very into   America’s ancient history and had all sorts of medicine stones from the Anasazi Indians, feathers, pottery shards, medicine pouches etc.  I got rid of them all, and did not miss a thing, as they had been all packed away in boxes.  Yes, there was a great deal of money involved, but could not sell them….could not pass on the idolatry no matter what the promise of riches.
You are doing the same thing, yet with even more at risk, your child!!!  There are so many clear signs right now as to what is evil and what is not…it is much more obvious especially in the media.  I pray that you will find the strength to also get your child away from TV, video games and the like.  I know that will be like pulling teeth, but if you can, you will do more than many parents think possible!!!   Do not monitor your child’s media exposure…GET RID OF IT!!!  Right now it has become as evil as having an Alistair Crowley Tarot deck of cards, and much more important…it is your child!!!
Replace it with more of your attention, books that are about the awesome love of our Lord and Savior…games that teach respect and inspiration…art, music…love and life.  This should take no more time than trying to monitor what your child sees or hears.  God bless you, and I am praying for you and your child….you have the strength you need to do this…it is promise in Christ!!!
I wish you this strength and all the blessing of the Lord.

Your sister in Christ!

Patti C.