Patti C (16 Feb 2012)
"TV:  a deadly temptation?"



RE: Charles (14 Feb 2012)
"Movie title in red flashed on the screen"

I loved all three of your posts, yesterday, Charles. I feel just like you do about how things are going in the world.

It hit me after reading several posts about how awful the media has become that maybe this is important.

I have seen many posts with just the same complaint.  I just want to say I think it is very dangerous to a person’s spirit to fill its mind and eyes with such messages.

Children, or any age, should not be watching any TV at all!!!  Hearing that young children are being attacked by demonic spirits, how we can wonder where this is coming from???  There is little doubt that it is TV…video games…movies…cartoons…it is everywhere!!!

TV is a drug…a drug for the masses and it is getting stronger…there is mind control going on now, not only all the subliminal messages, but right in your face evil!!!

If we agree that the NWO runs the media, why do we keep watching???  Sorry, but I just want to say to everyone who complains how bad it is out there   TURN THE FOUL THING OFF!!!  You can get all the news on the internet or the radio….do not fill your mind with evil images being pumped out 24/7.  You do have a choice in the matter!!!

I gave up TV in 2003 and have not regretted it for one minute!!!   Just reading the dove’s letters gives me as much info as I need, and I know that this info is coming from a credible, born again Christian source.

Try it for a week and see if you do not feel better.   Because it is a drug and it is addicting to the point that we cannot take our eyes from it.  The Lord tells us to COME OUT OF THE WORLD AND ITS WAYS!!!     

I know it is difficult…we grew up on it, and it used to be a source of inspiration and entertainment….now it is designed to desensitize, DEMORALIZE and to take our focus off God.
What a good thing to give up for Lent…try it, you might just like it and fill your mind and life with something more important and meaningful.  Christ is coming soon; do you want Him to find you watching Oprah?

Time is short… He certainly sacrificed all for us…we should sacrifice all avenues of evil to Him, and go and sin no more.

Anyone agree with me on this??

It sure has improved my walk with the Lord; all that time I used to waste I spend with studying the Bible and watching for His coming.  We are near the end of this race; let us not fall by the wayside, now.
With much concern and lots of love,

Patti C.