Patrick (20 Feb 2012)

Hello Nicole
Just wanted to include some thoughts from others on this thread of who goes, and who does not from other forums.
Bonnie from Ritan:
"Imagine thinking that salvation would not get you a ticket to The Rapture (The Resurrection ) . Salvation gets you a ticket to eternal life with Christ  . The Rapture is the door that is open in Heaven ...Christ says  "I set before you an Open Door ....a door no man can shut " , not even with all of their
talk about "earning the Rapture as a Reward " articles. 
I read Nicole's post on Madonna and her dogs ......amazingly  UNBiblical . Where are these people coming up with this stuff ?
There was no firm foundation of The Word in all those paragraphs .
They need to go back to The Word of God and stay there til they go home."
Lisaleenie from the same forum:
I agree Rich and Bonnie, a lot of unbiblical things being said.  I get tired of the teaching where people are saying that the rapture is a reward for the cream of the crop, and the rest of us who have not washed our robes clean enough are going to be left behind. 
Another weird teaching is that some are going to be left behind after the rapture to preach to the people who are left behind during the tribulation.  My goodness, where is that in scripture?  That's what the 144,000 Jews are going to be doing! 
This again from Bonnie on a different day--but intro's this concept of the dead in christ regarding the "who goes, and who does not" VERY POWERFUL
"Concerning his post on "Who goes in The Rapture ?" ( he is responding to Jennie ). He says "I 1000% agree with you...."
He says the Lord let him know a long time ago that the number would be very small .
Ya know , I am just flabbergasted at these people .
They completely ignore Revelation Chapter Three ...they even forget about 1st Thessalonians Chapter 4 .
PAUL STATES that the Dead in Christ rise firstly in the Rapture .
Forgetting about those who are alive and remain for just a moment , what of the Dead in Christ ? THAT is the largest % of the Church right there and it is a huge portion . Only a few going in the Rapture, huh ?
This new teaching / gospel by some that calls The Rapture a reward that is set apart from Salvation always leave out The Dead in Christ in their articles .
They would have to in order to make their points valid at all , for if you add the Dead in Christ none of it makes any sense .
THE DEAD in CHRIST : how they relate to Those Who Are Alive and Remain .
1. They are no different from us as they are the Church , The Body of Christ .
2. They died so they are face to face with The Lord at the time of The Rapture when their souls are reunited with their bodies which "put on incorruption in the twinkling of an eye ".
3. They died in a multitude of spiritual states relating to their walk with Christ on a daily basis .
a. Some may only have been saved for a few minutes growth time in The Holy Spirit at all , just time to accept Christ Jesus .
b. Some were struggling with a sin , but never denied His Name .
c. Some were long time Christians who had become weary but were faithful .
d. Some were saved but still needed deliverance in some area of their walk .
e. Some had not studied prophecy only the first four gospels .
This list could go on forever , as diverse as the people themselves , but all having Salvation in Christ in common with the indwelling of The Holy Spirit . Because that is what salvation is and it has nothing to do with works "lest any man should boast ". It is Grace , Salvation is a finished work by Christ as He said "It is finished !"
When you accept Christ as Your Savior once and for all , it is done !
then you start your walk on earth with Him through the power of The Holy Spirit . What happens then ....CHRIST has another promise for you there !
"The Lord is The Author and The Finisher of your faith ." (He takes you victoriously to the end (The Rapture ). You are in one of two groups at that point : The Dead in Christ OR Those Who Are Alive and Remain . But you are all The Church . And everybody in those two groups goes UP !
As Paul says " All will be changed ! "..........ALL !
4. The Dead in Christ have all in common with Those Who Are Alive and Remain ; they are saved and filled with The Holy Spirit (the MARK of REDEMPTION for that day ).
So the two groups are ONE in The LORD JESUS . They are The Church .
5. The Dead in Christ get to depart earth first before those who are alive and remain .
6. Christ ordained they would leave firstly , they will .
7. None of the Dead in Christ will come back to life and stay on earth to "clean up " during The Trib.....impossible for them . It will not be done and Paul never speaks of it in The New Testatment . Everyone with The Holy Spirit indwelling WILL GO AT THE CALL of CHRIST~
The main point here is : if the Dead in Christ (all) go up with Christ at The Call then all of the spirit-filled believers who are alive and remain go up too .
THIS NEW TEACHING which is erroneous that teaches there is a portion of The Church left on earth to clean their robes during The Trib. is not Biblical as Christ never speaks of this in The Book of The Revelation . Not one word about this so called church is ever found in The Book of The Revelation . These false teachers tell us that this "portion " of the Body according to them is different from every generation of believers that ever lived ....they have to stay in The Tribulation to become worthy . The rest of The Body of Christ is free to go up with Christ ; but they are not ! NO !
The DEAD in CHRIST prove them wrong in every time.
If a part of The Dead in Christ is not staying on earth to be cleaned , then neither is a part of Those Who Are Alive and Remain . Impossible , as Jesus does not divide His Body into parts that get special punishment on earth to become worthy .
The BIG QUESTION ??? Why do these people continue to persecute the Church with this false teaching ???
And that is what it is . This "I am going are not !!! nah , nah , nah !"
It is a form of self-righteousness and it is one of the most subtle techniques of persecution to The One True Church I have ever witnessed in my lifetime and they are relentless with it .
If you are not walking exactly the walk they are walking , you are staying for clean-up during The Trib. ; they are sure of it . NONSENSE ! UNBIBLICAL DRIBBLE from start to finish .
Warning : The way Satan uses it, is to take your joy and hope away right before The Rapture of The Church , so do not be taken in by this false teaching . It is a self-promoting , self-loving , self-defining "other" gospel that is pure falsehood from start to finish . It's FOCUS: SELF instead of Christ !
Beware !
Believe THE WORD : The Lord is The Author and The Finisher of your faith !
If you are a Holy Spirit filled Believer you are going Home with Your Savior Jesus at The Call !
The RAPTURE is not a reward apart from Salvation . It is the very end-result of Salvation , rather . All Christians have The RAPTURE just as they have salvation inherit !
Rewards come later AFTER the RAPTURE .
Rewards for your obedience after Salvation are given in the form of crowns in Heaven, after the Rapture occurs . When you earn these crowns , you will toss them at the feet of Christ and this is to signify that Christ did it all.  Even the works you did were because of His Holy Spirit resident in you . NOTHING APART FROM HIM EVER ! He is glorified in all things , in your salvation , in your walk with Him as well . For The Bible tells us : there is nothing good in the flesh , no not anything ! The Flesh is temporal and it will be left behind , the last thing we leave here , all memory of it gone . It gained nothing here on earth except self-righteousness and vanity which are not of GOD . That is why Paul is so glad in his heart that one day his flesh will be thrown aside , as he leaves this earth with Christ in a new state of total incorruption . His soul already saved , then at The Rapture his body and mind renewed as well ! FIT THEN FOR HEAVEN !
Well, thats it for me on this thread.