Patrick (20 Feb 2012)

When I got up sat. morn. and read your post, I gathered all my thoughts that I could to write quickly--as I have a tendancy to forget (altzheimers runs deep in my family). 
However, after reading your post to Mike W. and all doves, you seemed a different person all together.  That post had some great beauty to it.  However, after reading the whole thing, i just could not shake the feeling that you have VERY LITTLE PATIENCE (or regard) for those who are not at the same spiritual level as you.  You have been through a lot and seem to have a very close and intimate relationship w/ CHRIST.  I wish I was there, but I am not.  I just ask for your patience with those who are weaker than you.  Forgive me if I offended you.
Also, in regards to dreams, visions, words from the LORD, etc. etc.  Do you remember the BP oil spill in the gulf ??  There were MANY, MANY, dreams, visions, DIRECT WORDS FROM THE LORD, ETC.  that NEVER came to pass.  How about all the posts Pastor FM Riley did (all backed by scripture), as well as MANY others, on Planet X.  And lets not forget comet Elenin.  TONS AND TONS OF DREAMS, AND VISIONS, AND WORDS DIRECTLY FROM THE LORD ON MANY MANY DIFFERENT FORUMS     and nothing, none of them were right/true.  SO, WHAT HAPPENED ?? WHAT WENT WRONG ????  I must confess that I am a little leary here. 
Trust me when I say this is not the first time this THREAD of who will go and who will not has been discussed vigorously on this forum--and many others, so I guess we will all have to agree to disagree.  But as I said to you in my first post---why???
I'll give you just one example---parable of the Ten Virgins.  You have 2 passionate disciples who have spent their entire lives studing, researching, going to the LORD in prayer, etc. about this parable and its meaning, and yet they both come to completely opposite answers ( as I am sure John can tell you )  How is this possible ????  I asked a very respected biblical scholar this Q, and he said simple answer---ONE OF THE 2 ARE WRONG.  So here we have this same situation w/ this concept of who will go, and who will not.  Who is RATURE WORTHY, AND WHO IS NOT.  It seems so sad to me that we cannot seem to agree on what GODS HOLY WORD SAYS.