Patricia S (9 Feb 2012)
"Madonna (illuminati) making an announcement at the Super Bowl last Sunday - look at these dates."

Hi all,
Looking at many facts right now and the seemingly Great announcement made by Madonna (illuninati) in her performance last Sunday Super bowl.
This may be the for-runner announcement by the illuminati, certainly looks like it to me. The sixth Sunday from last (inclusive) will be Mar 11 (3/11) favourite illuminati number - if this is the case then what on earth do they have in store for the world, will it be a financial crash?  will it be an attack on the USA?
David Wilkerson prophesied that there would be a time coming with many fires and riots all across the US and the rest of the world, he said it felt like it would be for a month and for everyone to get in enough food for one month.  Well one month on and we have Easter Sunday - we had better be ready as it may be our time to go home - Praise God!!!!
91 day World War 3 According to former Illuminati satanist, Doc Marquis, mmmmmm this is very interesting as we have Prince Williams birthday June 21 and he will be 30, a very significant birthday for leadership, mmmmmmmm guess what date is 91 days after that?  September 11.  If Prince William is the antichrist it will be 91 days of illuminati festivities and sacrifice for this evil regime, at the end of the 91 days 9/11 will bring in the reign of the AC.
Just throwing some facts around.
Patricia S.