Ola Ilori (20 Feb 2012)

Hi Doves,
The Word tells us we are to,
"...bear fruits worthy of repentance." [Matt.3:8]
The following is a vision a brother in Christ had over several days.
It becomes apparent, from the vision, that many of the phrases so many Christians quote
often, are doing nothing to prepare them for heaven or the Lord's return!
We are suppose to examine ourselves, in order to identify our sins, and then refrain from them.
We then receive, from the Lord, the strenghth to practise His righteousness.
This is how we prepare ourselves for heaven or the Lord's return.
This vision reveals to us what true repentance really is.
I was suddenly overcome with a deathly illness. My whole head felt worse and worse. 
I thought I was about to die.
I lay in bed in that condition for three and a half days. My spirit developed this sickness, and then my body came down with it as well.
Then I heard voices around me saying, "Look, he is lying dead in the street of our city, the one who was preaching that we should repent so that our sins would be forgiven.
They asked some of the clergy, "Is he worthy of burial?"
The clergy replied, "No. Let him lie there as a spectacle."
They kept going away and coming back to mock me.
And I am telling the truth when I say that this happened to me at the very time that I was
explaining the eleventh chapter of the Book of Revelation.
Then I heard more serious words from the people who had been mocking me, especially these:
"How can repentance be practised apart from faith?
How can Christ being be adored as God?
Given that we are saved for free without our deserving it at all, what then do we need except faith
alone, the faith that God the Father sent the Son to take away the damnation of the law.
To credit us with his own merit, to justify us before the Father, to absolve us from our sins, and
then to give us the Holy Spirit, who activates every good thing within us?
Aren't these points in accordance with Scripture and also with reason?"
The crowd of bystanders applauded these statements.
I heard all this but was unable to respond because I was lying there almost dead.
After three and a half days, however, my spirit regained its health.
In the spirit I went from that street into the city, and I said again,
"Practise repentance and believe in Christ, and your sins will be forgiven and you will be saved.
If you do not, you will perish.
The Lord himself preached that we must repent in order for our sins to be forgiven, and that we must believe in him.
He commanded the disciples to preach the same message.
Surely the dogma of your faith leads to utter complacency about the way you live!"
"What are you babbling about?" they replied.
"The Son has made satisfaction. The Father has assigned us the Son's credit and has justified us for the reason that these are our beliefs.
We are now led by the spirit of grace. What sin could there be within us?
What death could there be among us? Do you grasp this Good News, you preacher of sin and repentance?"
Then a voice from heaven said, "Surely the faith of someone who has not practised repentance is nothing but a dead faith.
The end has come, the end has come upon you who are complacent, guiltless in your own eyes, justified by your own faith, satans!"
At that moment a chasm suddenly opened up in the middle of the city and spread outward.
The houses were falling in on each other and the people were swallowed up. Soon water bubbled up from the great hole and flooded what was already devastated.
After they sank to a lower level and were seemingly covered in water, I wanted to know what their situation was like in the depths.
A voice from heaven told me, "You will see and hear."
Then the water that had seemingly flooded them disappeared from before my eyes. (Water in the spirit realm appears around people who have false beliefs.)
I saw the people in a sandy place at a great depth, where there were piles of stones. They were running between the piles of stones and loudly bemoaning their having been cast out of their great city.
They were shouting and wailing, "Why has this happened to us? We are clean, pure, just, and holy because of our faith. Through our faith we have been cleansed, purified, justified, and sanctified."
Some among them were saying, "Hasn't our faith made it possible for us to appear before God the Father and be seen and esteemed by him and declared before angels as clean, pure, just, and holy?
Haven't we been reconciled, atoned for, ritually purged, and therefore absolved, washed, and wiped free of our sins? Didn't Christ take away the damnation of the law? Why then have we been thrown down here like the damned?
We did hear from a bold preacher of sin in our great city, 'Believe in Christ and practice repentance.'
But didn't we believe in Christ when we believed in his merit? Didn't we practice repentance when we confessed that we were sinners? Why then has this happened to us?"
A voice was then heard from the side: "Are you aware of any sin in yourselves?
Have you ever examined yourselves, and then abstained from any evil because it is sinful against God?
If you do not abstain from sin, then you are still in it; and sin is the Devil. You, then, are the
people of whom the Lord spoke when he said, 'You will then begin to say, "We ate and drank with
you. You taught in our streets." But he will say, "I tell you, I do not know you, where you are from.
Depart from me, all you workers of wickedness"' (Luke 13:26, 27).
Matthew 7:22, 23 is also about you. Therefore go away, each to your own place. Do you see the openings to those caves?
Go in there, and each of you will be given your own work to do, and food in accordance with your work. If you don't go in, your hunger will drive you in."
The voice said loudly, "Beware! Beware of associating with people like that. Don't you understand that evils that are called sins and acts of wickedness make us unclean and impure?
How can you be cleansed and purified from them except by active repentance and by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ?
Active repentance is examining yourselves, recognizing and admitting to your sins, accepting that you are at fault, confessing them before the Lord, begging for his help and power in resisting them, stopping doing them, and living a new life.
 All this is to be done as if you were doing it on your own [for in reality you are doing it by the Holy Spirit]. 
"Surely you can all recognize that if you do not examine yourselves and see your sins, you remain in them. From birth you find all evils delightful.
It feels good to take revenge, to be promiscuous, to cheat, to slander, and especially to dominate others out of love for yourselves.
Because they feel good you overlook them. If someone happens to point out to you that they are sins, you make excuses for them because they feel good; you use false arguments to insist that they are not sins, and you stay in them.
And afterward you do those evil things more than you did before, to the point where you no longer know what sin is or even whether there is such a thing.
"It is different, however, for people who actively go through a process of repentance. The evils that they recognize and admit to [in themselves] they call sins. They therefore begin to abstain and turn away from them.
Eventually they begin to feel the pleasure of those evils as unpleasant. The more this happens, the more they see and love what is good, and eventually even feel delight in it, which is the delight that the saints in heaven feel.
Briefly put, the more we put the Devil behind us, the more we are adopted by the Lord and are taught, led, held back from what is evil, and kept in what is good by him. This is the pathway from hell to heaven; there is no other way."