Neil Lipken (1 Feb 2012)
"Massive U.S. buildup near Iran to be in place by March"

Ever wonder why the all the troops were quickly evacuated from Iraq?  They
will be needed in the coming NEW Middle East war, the coming war with Iran.
 The Western oil companies are now successfully developing Iraqi oil, so
the mission in Iraq is over.  That is what Iraq was all about in the first
place----OIL.  It is a shame that the mainstream U.S. media is rarely
honest with the American people!  Iran is starting to do something that the
New World Order folks absolutely do not like------dealing in gold to trade
oil!  Don't they know that they are supposed to use U.S. DOLLARS to trade
oil?  Silly Iranians!  Everyone knows that!  Guess what?  Saddam Hussein
also wanted to drop the U.S. dollar for oil transactions, and you saw what
happened to him!  And Ghadafi (spelling might not be right----why can't
these guys be named "Smith"?) of Libya had a similar idea.  Well, he's
history!  It is not good to mess with the power brokers of the New World