Ned (29 Feb 2012)
"Our Eyes Are OPEN"

Firstly I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Ron Reese for his
sterling work, myself and the members of my church came to find him
shortly before the January 28th Sudden Destruction and our eyes have
been opened to what is shortly coming and to the snares and traps of
EVIL around us - of which apart from Satan's power itself we were
unaware of

We have struck deep into enemy territory and looked for the NWO who
range against us and found their black clawmarks in the most local of
our neighborhoods, whether in the cosy threat of 'atheists' or
'homosexuals' all pushing their agendas in our faces under the cover
of 'people we see every day'

We know that the NWO are preparing to strike and just as Our Lord has
his supernatural agents THE ADVERSARY has his own foul agents ready to
combat them - they are dark forces who covertly use the name Chitauri
- the Nefilim or serpents spoke of by The Bible

Beware! And seek them as we are, they are reptilian anti-angels and
they are waiting for our doom