Nando (20 Feb 2012)
"Feb 18 2012 Episode XXX: Petrus Romanus --The Final Pope and 22 cardinals join club to elect pope’s successor"

Before I post the following article that I posted in my blog before today at 11.01 AM today I want to say something that happened to me with my wife on the way back home after picking my car up from our mechanic.

After seeing several license tags with the # 77 and one with 777 TAX on it we were reaching the last red light before home and a car to the right of us had the tag:

XXX XXX, I told my wife what kind of mentality is needed to put a tag like that in your car when she noticed a sticker on the trunk that read 2012 in big letters and below something written in small letters. We pulled as close as we could to read the small print (we were stopped at the light) and it read anyone but Obama.

We laughed and she called my mother who is a rabid anti Obama at 89 years old and told her about it and she had a laugh.

Well after we got home I started reading the link that I have in my article about Petrus Romanus from Tom Horn after I reached it from Google where I saw another reference
to the book in the following:

Episode XXX: Petrus Romanus --The Final Pope

by Omega Man

in Spirituality

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It does appear to me that the coincidence of episode XXX and the warning of the license plates goes beyond the obvious. Jesus was punctuating the importance of the Sinoid at the Vatican today and the bolg radio interview above. I paid close attention to this alert and I am fowarding with my post to you.

22 cardinals join club to elect pope’s successor

Cardinals and Bishops attend a meeting with Pope benedict XVI at the Synod hall at the Vatican, Friday, Feb. 17, 2012. The Pontiff is scheduled to name 22 new Cardinals in a Consistory, Saturday, Feb. 18, at the Vatican. Gregorio Borgia / AP Photo

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Associated Press

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI is bringing 22 new Catholic churchmen into the elite club of cardinals who will elect his successor amid signs the 84-year-old pontiff is slowing down.

Benedict is presiding over a ceremony Saturday in St. Peter’s Basilica to formally create the 22 cardinals, who include the archbishops of New York, Prague, Hong Kong and Toronto as well as the heads of several Vatican offices.

The ceremony has been clouded by embarrassing leaks of internal documents alleging financial mismanagement in Vatican affairs, and reports in the Italian media of political jockeying among church officials who, sensing an increasingly weak pontiff, are already preparing for a conclave.

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