Nando (20 Feb 2012)
"An encripted message from Jesus"


Sept 18, 2012 An encripted message from Jesus

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At 8.30 PM I went to pick a dinner that I ordered at a restaurant. On the way back home at the red light where I had seen the plates XXX XXX in the car with a sticker 2012 (See previous post) there was a car with the plate

T77 7TX remember the plate I saw this noon 777 TAX well this is not a coincidence or fluke, the message is from Jesus and the T’s and X’s are the message TX does it stand for Texas? what is the relationship to XXX Petrus Romanus or the post by KS Rajan (URL) XXX. ?

I do not know the answer yet, but I have a feeling that  it will become apparent soon.