Mike W (20 Feb 2012)
"Paul's Doctrines"

Hi everyone
I really think that a lot of Christians are confused because they do not listen to the correct teachings. I have always tried to tell someone about how to be saved by quoting from Paul's doctrines. They were the 13 epistles starting with Romans and going through Philemon. I would mainly have a time with the people who think once someone is a Christian they will automatically show good works and quit doing anything wrong and "quit sinning". I would try and stick with the scriptures when explaining salvation. I do not pay too much attention to people who say they have had "dreams" and God has shown then when this will happen and when that will happen. Too many times and in fact almost everytime something ends up being mistaken. Now do not get me wrong I believe God CAN talk to people through dreams but I think he has given us his "completed" Word for the things we need to know.
Now as a Christian you must know that we are no longer under the law and "no flesh will be justifieth by the law". If we are required to do anything by the law we must do them all. When Jesus walked the earth he preached to the Jews. This was Peter job and the apostles job. The Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah and God turned to the Gentiles and made Paul the spokesman. There is a great book by Douglas Stouffer titled "One Book Rightly Divided" His book confirmed what I have always believed from reading the scripture. It helped me greatly by explainng some of the divisions. Now I do not agree with everything in the book but it gives a great guideline when studying the Bible. you can get it at this website. http://www.rightlydivided.com/
We are in the "Time of the Gentiles" and are under the Gospel of Grace. Pure and simple a "WATERDOWNED GOSPEL" is this time period would be one in which we tried to add to what Jesus did. Yes God has made it so simple for us to be saved. Satan has "confused" it all by adding works to most churches today.
I hear from people who say you need to be sure so do everything you can to make sure by living for Jesus. Is this person depending on Jesus or is this person depending on his/hers own good deeds.
So many people today base their doctrine on the Book of Acts. This book is a transitiional book where Peter finally hands the Gospel over to Paul so that he can preach the Gospel to the Gentiles. After the rapture (wheter it is Pre Mid or Post Trib) God turns his attention back to the Jews. Thus the Two witnesses and the 144,000 sealed virgins become the new spokesman. Is any Gentiles saved at this time I do not know. I do know that during this time period a person is still saved by the Blood of Jesus but that he will have to avoid the Mark of the Beast at all cost. A person cannot take the Mark and enter heaven. I know that it will be the greatest revival on eart as the Bible says the saved coming out of the tribulation are too numerous too count.
We are to get our doctrine from Paul and if something outside his letters seems contradictory to what Paul says Christians are to form their doctrine from Paul. Remember Paul was chosen and taught by Jesus and not by any other man. God chose him for a purpose. When you read the other books of the New Testament they are more than likely talking to the Jews either before the Time of the Gentiles or after the rapture.
The churches who make their doctrine from the Book of Acts are making a big mistake. People are being misled. Please remember satan can copy the miracles of God to fool a lot of people.
During this time you can rest knowing Jesus did it all at the cross. REPENT means to change your mind about how you think a person can be saved to believing in what Jesus did at the cross.
Romans 4:5 "But to him that worketh not, but believeth on Him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness"  Cannot get more simplier than that. You can know you are saved if you put all your trust in Jesus, he needs no help.
In Christ love'
Mike W