Mike W (17 Feb 2012)
"NicoleTo Jennie:  Good post about Who Goes and Who Stays"

When will Christians realize that no matter how "good" we think we are our righteousness is filthy rags. When a person accepts what Jesus did on the cross as his or hers sacrifice then "IT IS FINISHED".
We should not compare ourselves with "lady gaga" and all the other worshippers of satan. We should not compare ourselves with the Muslims and how much they do for Mohammed.
The difference in being a Christian and worshipping something or someone else is that ALL other religions are trying to get their on there own merits. We as Christians are saved on Jesus' merits. When will you people understand that for today we are in the time of "GRACE". The "ENTIRE" church will be raptured, not just the hands or the feet but the whole body of Christ.
It is a FREE gift. Do you not think that Jesus death on the cross was enough? I think it was.
Mike W