Mike Thompson (11 Feb 2012)
"Is God protecting the impostor? "

Consider the recent Georgia ballot case.
  The judge was going to rule a default angainst O, but agreed to allow testimony into the record (nearly 3 hours of it).  A week later he says he is ruling on the evidence, citing bogus reasons for rejecting all evidence and giving O a win.
Turns out, the judge has a similar, blanked-out bio as O.  One of the few things to come up was the names of his brothers- all with Islamic first names.  Of course he would rule in O's favor and against non-islamics.
How could it be that the judge who was required to hear the case (by Georgia law) would turn out to be in alignment with O?
 How could the devil have pre-placed this judge?
Or could it be that God actually pre-planned this to keep O in position and the truth about him stay hidden until HE is done with O?
Didn't Jesus choose all 12 desiples and yet one was a devil?
I always thought hitler was protected by satan and it appears O is similarily protected, but now I am considering there may be more to it than that.