Mike Plunkett (4 Feb 2012)
"Joe Calloway and all doves........Joes post about antichrist"

You are absolutely correct about Nimrod as I have done the same research. He was not only cut up, but his head was cut off by Esau. The book of Jasper tells the whole story. Jasher is referenced in the bible at Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18. It is very enlightening just like the book of Enoch.
Nimrod is one of my main votes for the spirit of the bottomless pit to go into the first beast of revelations. Since he did suffer a head wound ( Esau cutting off his head with a sword), and if he was a Nefillim, then his evil spirit would be eternal, and could have been locked up till the end times, with the other 90% of fallen angels and nefillim. He could be the king over the Locusts hoard that comes out of the bottomless pit when it is opened by the fallen angel, who I think is satan.
Thomas Horn has a great book about this called Apollyon Rising 2012. He writes that Nimrod will be Apollyon of rev. and go into the first beast, becoming the anti-christ. This very entity is the one that the seal and symbol on our dollar bill is about.
I agree with everything else about your post as well. The whole world has been deceived into Paganism. The main mark of Gods people are that they are to keep his Sabath day, the 7th day of the week, holy. That day is Saturday.
Great research........and very good post!
Michael P