Mike Curtiss (15 Feb 2012)
"Don Flowers (14 Feb 2012)  "Republican logo""

Hi Don,

     If you are talking about the RINO element of the Pubbies and the Demon-crat Party; yes I agree with you. When no less than Meghan McCain says it's so cool to be progressive, I get the picture. We are being conned by the old two party system.
     However, with the advent of the Tea Party all bets are off. The RINO's are so busy trying to nominate Mittens , so Zero can easily beat him in the general election; we are in big trouble.
     Billions in illegal Saudi cash, union kickbacks, rampant vote fraud are everywhere. Why do you think Soros has targeted state Secretaries of State (SOS)? These people certify eligibility and are responsible for overseeing elections. Notice how the enemy squeals over the simple production of a picture ID. That proves rampant vote fraud is routine among Demon-crats. Civil war is a sad possibility should zero try to steal this next election.
     We might have already seen or last real election. Holder at Justice embattled yet willing to die with his sword to defend Zero.