Mike Curtiss (1 Feb 2012)
"Welcome to Those Folks Stalking Geo. Soros (Lauren (31 Jan 2012)"

Hey Lauren,

         For the last 3 years, I have documented more than twenty-five articles, which list the most egregious crimes committed by Soros. Over three years, the most dangerous skeleton in Soros' closet involve 501c3 corporations. At last count, there are forty independent 501c3 that have taken money for different pet project's of Geo. Soros. Abortion, anarchy, homosex for sixth graders, mandatory inoculations, removal of all references to Christian, or Jewish holidays from the calendar. Soros, speaks of himself in the third person. These are a few of George Soros' favorite things;
         One curious example for Soros, a Jew is J Street, a Jewish atheist organization, which has had one lone historic benefactor; Geo. Soros. J Street blames Israel for all the violence in the Middle East. J Street's most recent public demonstration of anti-Semitism was it's participation the Gaza Flotilla, which was sent to break the alleged 'blockade' of the Gaza Strip. Make no mistake, the Gaza Strip has no genuine shortage of foodstuffs, cars, gas, oil, or water. The world media would love to have you believe that the Palestinians are living in tents and widespread squalor. Do you wonder why we never see film of the huge shopping malls in Gaza?

         The Gaza Strip's alive and doing quite well thank you, living off generous donations primarily from the USA, oil sheik's  and the EU. The only commodity they lack are sophisticated weapons that will help the Palestinians destroy Israel. Enter Geo. Soros and J Street, these ships claimed they were carrying baby formula. In reality, they where carrying anti-aircraft missiles, Chinese MANPADS similar to the US Stinger missile. They also needed effective anti-tank weapons like the Roland missile to kill either Merkevas, or US Abrams tanks. Geo. Soros also sent advanced timing and detonation equipment to make suicide bombers in Israel more lethal. When the nine ships of the Gaza Flotilla were later searched after the hand to hand fighting; they were found to be carrying tens of thousands of pounds of MANPADS, Rolands and sophisticated suicide bomb components made in Iran. These ships flew the United Nations flag as they travelled southeast toward Israel. Apparently, the flotilla thought by flying the UN Flag they could intimidate Israel and outsmart the Mossad. The balance of power would have changed dramatically overnight. Thank God, Our Lord never sleeps. He made sure that these weapons had no chance of arriving inside the Gaza Strip.
          The Occupy Wall Street movement was funded by Soros, either by direct donations, or through the donation of other Hedge Fund operators, or other Soros 501c3 organizations. This small community of multi-billionaires planned to cause a violent revolution last Fall. They successfully employed Barack Obama to increase many of the stressors upon the middle class here in America.They are struggling to come up with another Reichstag Fire incident, so that Barack Obama can impose Martial Law upon American. This Soros project has badly failed thus far, because the American people are not Russian peasants.
          Let's see, so many crimes, so little time. Oh, the most recent attack upon the USA made by Soros upon America failed, because the American people said no to the Occupy Wall Street fringe group. Americans perform better under stress than our allies in Europe. Despite mega media coverage 24/7/365 only dirty druggies, street people, college students, ACORN community organizers, Union workers and the homeless turned out to protest a mixed message of drug addled complaints. Contrast the Occupy Movement with the Tea Party and the Glen Beck Rally in DC. Even without much coverage, real working American people turned out by the millions. They took their time and placed their bets upon any number of Conservative candidates, which will mean a repudiation of an enormous bloated Federal Government. American's rejected Progressivism, Obamacare and the new Dictatorship. Very few people realize that Barack Obama and the Democrat Party snuck legislation into the latest ongoing Military Appropriation Bill, which removes our right to equal protection under the law, the writ of Habias corpis and every other Constitutional guarantee that American citizen's once enjoyed. 
           Our President has never submitted a annual budget. This might be construed as the behavior of an immature and disorganized individual. However, he warned us that his goal is to dramatically transform America. Producing a budget inhibits the President from taking advantage of frequently spontaneous events. No budget makes rule by one leader, a dictator possible. Obama through the crafty use of 'Executive Orders' is able to takeover the role traditionally reserved for the US Congress. Without a budget, Congress is forced to Rubber Stamp any increase in spending ceilings based upon the Presidents wishes and pet projects like Green Energy. In effect the Congress has been neutered. However, the American people are enraged by the irresponsible behavior of the Democrat Party a Barack Obama. We will win this election despite billions of dollars of illegal monies the Moslem world will once again pump into the upcoming US Presidential race. Even when the Justice Department, the FBI and the CIA will be deployed to steal this election; the American people will turn out the Obama Regime. The only wild card could be the Rapture, if it comes before the election Martial Law and a never ending Obama Dictatorship results. Should the Lord tarry, absent a Reichstag Fire and Martial Law, Obama can't legally win re-election.
           Please pray for me my friends, I'm struggling to walk without quickly becoming exhausted. My chronic pain is somewhat better. I discovered that if I walk upstairs one rung at a time without bending my right knee, my right knee doesn't hurt as badly at night. Many days I'm in soo much pain that I don't want to get out of bed. It also causes such dark depression, I just want to come home Lord Jesus. I really want Jesus to come soon, because I don't want to suffer any more. Some times, I want my life to end.



                                                                                                                   Mike Curtiss