Michelle S (14 Feb 2012)
"To Amanda - Re: "Please pray for my son...""


You understand that the enemy knows his time is short and has increased his attacks against all that is "light" in this world and he will until we are gone. But Praise God, the Lord is our Protector and our DEFENSE!

Sister, the Lord has given us weapons against the enemy that are powerful if we would dare use them! First and foremost, begin to monitor what your son watches on television as well as any video games he is playing. There has obviously been an open door to your son that the enemy has taken full advantage of. Close the door! Make sure whatever he watches on television is absent of violence, i.e. bloody confrontations, murder, anything of that sort. You may have to forbid certain television shows that in the past you have given him permission to watch. (If something immediately comes to mind there... that is it. Eliminate it from his viewing from here on.)

Now Sister, back to the weapons of our warfare...they are not carnal but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. (2 Cor. 10:4) Also, the scriptures instruct us that we believers ..."IN my name shall (they) cast out devils:. ( (Mark 16:17) Looks like you're being called on to do it now even if you've never done it before. (I've done it many times in ministry and if I can do it... anyone can.) No worries..God assures us of the victory in Jesus name!!! In that name, EVERY knee shall bow, EVERY tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father. Rejoice, JESUS IS THE MAN!!! The devil has to bow/obey us as we invoke the name of Jesus. After you have eliminated the open door in your son's life. "Take authority over every evil spirit that has come to terrorize and torment him IN JESUS' NAME." Command it (them) to go from your domain and never to return again, IN JESUS' NAME.

Now lay hands on your son and say you plead the blood of Jesus over him completely from the top of his head to the soles of his feet and then proceed (now get this)  with the authority given you in Jesus' name to "close his spiritual eyes to seeing in the demonic realm from this point on until Jesus comes IN THE NAME OF JESUS." Discovering the power we have in exercising our authority in the name of Jesus is really quit surprising when we do it in faith. Have faith in your God and go take out some devils on behalf of your son. We have the victory IN Jesus' name! Believe and you shall receive! The Lord has confidence in you to do what you have to do without fear (I understand...I've been there) because He's not given you a spirit of fear...but love..power and a sound mind. So do it for the love of your son.  You won't regret it. I am praying for and with you. I'm leaving my e-mail address below if you have further questions.

Blessings in Jesus,
Michelle S


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Amanda (13 Feb 2012) 
"PLEASE pray for my son and his demonic attacks--URGENT"