Michael Colunga (10 Feb 2012)
"RE:  Nicole--"Questions I have been contemplating and need assistance from Doves""

Hello, John and Doves,
As regarding different colored sashes, please see
http://www.askmoses.com/en/article/267,18776/Which-precious-stones-were-set-in-the-high-priests-breastplate.html and
As regarding the Mark of the Beast, if it is an implanted device, then salvation can be obtained by yanking that sucker out, and accepting Jesus Christ as Savior.
If the Mark is a tattoo, then only laser light can burn that away.  Then one can accept Jesus Christ as Savior.
If, however, the Mark of the Beast is an insidious, invisible stain on the inner man, then perhaps there is no salvation, unless someone impossibly finds repentance in his heart and cries out to Jesus Christ to save him from his sins.
Baruch HaShem Yeshua HaMashiach,
Mike C.
Nicole (6 Feb 2012)
"Questions I have been contemplating and need assistance from Doves"

Dear John, can you please post as Nicole?

I have a couple of questions that I have not gotten answers to, which I may not need the answers to.   But some things the Lord does not reveal to me.   I am not a prophet, but only a person who has been given a task as a watchman for the rapture.   And so I am not a preacher, I am not a teacher, I am not ordained, I am not an expert.   I am a person who has only a relationship with my Savior and I have visions and dreams and once in a while a visitation from the Lord.   And I do not believe that if I was living in normal times that this gift would be upon me, but I believe this gift is for all believers who are called to watch for this period of time in history.  

But here are my questions.

1) Many believers are having visions of the Lord Jesus Christ wearing a different colored sash around His waist.   Some see green, some see brown, etc.   And the weird thing is that when a believer had a vision of wearing a certain colored belt, I had a dream I was picking out the same colored dress to wear for a wedding, very lovely dress.   So does anyone know what each color means and what the Lord is telling us through the change of His sash?  

2) We all know that a person who takes the mark of the beast is condemned forever.   And we know that at the rapture, the dead in Christ will rise first, then those who are living and remain who are born again will be raptured.   And none of us have taken the mark of the beast.   In the rapture, the saints who are dead will enter their graves and resurrect with their bodies and transform, and we then will transform while in our body.   But something is REALLY troubling me.   The people who are martyred during the tribulation who refuse the mark of the beast will be beheaded.   And some people have seen that the devil and his "aliens" who enforce the mark will get a "kick" out of putting the mark into the decapitated body after the death.   Now my question is, what happens for these people in Heaven?   I know that we all have to wait until is it during or after the millennium to get our glorified bodies?   But here will be a group of people who did not reunite and transform with their physical bodies.   Are these the people who are under God's throne and could it be the reason that they are the ones whose physical body was defiled and cannot be transformed?    Anyone do a study on this?    Will they look a little different than the rest of the saints in Heaven for a while?   Will this be a testimony for them in Heaven so everyone can differentiate between the tribulation martyrs and the rest of us?