Mercer (29 Feb 2012)
"David Flynn's brother"

My Hair Was Standing On End During Petrus Romanus --The Final Pope Interview

February 28, 2012
Mark Flynn, David's brother


My hair was standing on end while listening to what you, Tom and Chris were discussing on your last Omega Man Radio broadcast, specifically the possibility of an Alien-Catholic new age religious deception and the timing of the coming of the final pope.
I immediately though of the very first publication Dave and I did while we were both studying at the University of Montana. I remember printing all the "Answers" flyers up at the Computer Science department's copy machine that spring and then putting them up on the university bulleting boards and people cars. It was before the Internet and we were extremely excited to get the information out.

I've attached a scan of it.

I posted a bit of information concerning the link between Catholicism, Islam and the Fatima phenomenon back in 2009 on our original forum. (my avatar is the Ultra Tech logo of the alien holding the oscillating tetrahedron with the name "dudeV" )

The link will take you my post on a static snapshot of that forum maintained on the Watcher website server.

Why do you think the exact distance from the dome of the Spirits on the Temple Mount to the Kaba stone at Mecca is 666 nm to the foot? The final world religion, united by the human looking, god like alien leader to come will unify the world's major religions. It is symbolized by this time and space marker. Islam and Catholicism will become one though this alien leader's "revelations". Who is like the beast and who can make war against him? Imagine the lying power that an alien manifestation of powerful "sun ships" filling the sky controlled by powerful god like and yet human appearing creatures would have over the whole world? I could imagine the first announcement they would make. "We are what you will become. See?! We are human like you. We are the ones who put you here and we are the ones who will bring you though towards a new golden age, out of the destruction you have brought upon yourselves and the astrological chaos that your earth is experiencing". How could any human being on the earth maintain any adherence to their weak religious dogma without a firm foundation and understanding of the reality and truth of Christ?

Thanks for your and Tom's efforts towards republishing Dave's work. I agree that he does deserve the credit now that he missed so often while he was alive.

Your brother in Christ,