Matt (16 Feb 2012)
"re Rene "His Coming Is Nearer than You Can Imagine""

Doves, Rene,
No Virginia, it isn't!
His coming is NOT sooner than I can imagine!!!!
I've been waiting for nearly 31 years! I thought it would happen in 1988 and 1998, then in 2000 and every year since, etc. etc.  Every 2 months for the last ten years, I have read a post where someone says Jesus told them he is coming sooner than we think!!!
I think if I hear ONE MORE PERSON say that Jesus told them He is coming sooner than we THINK, I am going to pitch the PC out the window!!!!!
I totally agree, many of us have been watching for years and even if the rapture happened like a year ago there is no way any of us long time watchers would say it happened " sooner than we imagined " so please don't say this too often because its just not true.