MathMan (15 Feb 2012)
"To Jean Stepnoski, Tyra, Chelsea Brown, Clay Cantrell and Arlene"


Dear Doves,


I believe that the mathematical logic of Israel & Jerusalem historical dates firmly supports that Jesus will land just outside of Jerusalem on the Feast of Trumpets 2015.  After the subsequent 10 days of Awe, during which the world’s armies will unify against Him, I then believe that Jesus will make His Triumphant Return into Jerusalem on the Day of Atonement 2015.  Jesus will then promptly destroy the Anti-Christ and his army shortly thereafter.


The mathematical logic behind this belief in this timing is just too great for me to ignore.  I believe that the following articles clearly articulate the solid mathematical reasoning behind this belief:


Probability of the Rapture occurring before April 11, 2012 is 6,899,999,999 out of 6.9 Billion!!:


Probability Obama is the Anti-Christ is 150 million TRILLION to one!!:


Why I continue to be unreasonable by believing that 2015 will be the year of return for Jesus:


Unfortunately, as time RAPIDLY draws nearer to the end, I find myself increasingly running out of time to respond as diligently as I would like to both those who agree and disagree with our stand.  As such, I would like to apologize in advance to both groups of readers!!  If you find that I am “ignoring” your posts directed at me, please have patience with me.


However, please rest assured that I am reading all of your posts, whether you are supporters or detractors.  Given that no two Christians are like minded in all things, both positive and negative opinions, when expressed with a loving heart, will ALWAYS be acceptable and encouraged by me.  Indeed, to anyone who takes the time to write, please do not take my lack of response as a lack of respect.


With my full-time job in a demanding field “outside of watching” being really quite busy now, I just simply do not have the time to reply to everyone.  Though time is short, I obey the commandment of Jesus to occupy diligently until the time of our blessed Departure.  I have certain posts that I feel I want posted on Five Doves in the near future and need to concentrate on that.


That being said, here are some BRIEF replies to some well thought out messages recently posted by certain individuals on Five Doves:


To Jean Stepnoski:  At some point, God willing, I will forward a post on the actual times the 6 messages were left in the EXTREMELY CLOSE movie.  I hope to be able to relate these figures to the actual timeline of events of 9/11.  I believe it will be very interesting!!


To Clay Cantrell:  Watchers watch.  Watchers report.  Watchers pray that as many as possible get on the ark before it is too late.  It is what watchers do.  I watch as many things as possible and make no apologies for doing it.  I must say though, that I was a bit disappointed with your uncharacteristically negative tone in your emails yesterday.  Don’t misunderstand, I liked your posts and I appreciated your thoughts.  It is just that the negative tone didn’t suit you and was actually quite surprising!


To Tyra, Chelsea Brown and Arlene:  Thank you for your elegant and well written support!!




As always, to God be ALL the glory!!!  He is at the door!!  Maranatha!!


YbiC, MathMan