Mary Anna (7 Feb 2012)
"Situation 'tragic' as winter weather blankets Europe",0_

London (CNN) -- Heavy snow left several Italian villages paralyzed and without power as winter weather and cold temperatures spread across Europe, the mayor of one village said.

Many of the 32 villages in the Aniene Valley, near Rome, lost electricity on Friday when an electric pylon fell because of the snow, said Piero Moscardini, mayor of Vallinfreda.
The valley, home to about 50,000 people, has received some 100 cm (39 inches) of snow, Moscardini said.

"It's the worst snow since 1956," he said. "The situation is tragic. We need the Army to save us."

Ambulances cannot traverse the roads, he said, and some villagers cannot reach their stables to feed livestock.
Winter whacks Europe

Meanwhile, deaths continued to increase from the cold. In Romania, four people died on Saturday and another six on Sunday, authorities said. A total of 34 people have died since the cold snap began in late January.