Mary Anna (6 Feb 2012)
"Santorum: Obama Most Anti-Religion President in History"

President Barack Obama uses his faith ³as a convenience² when it serves him, while at the same time being the most anti-religion president in history, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum charged in an exclusive Newsmax interview.

And by saying that Jesus would have called for higher taxes, Obama was completely misreading the bible, touted the staunch Roman Catholic father of seven.

³Over the last few weeks, he has done more to assault religion in this country than any president, certainly in recent history, maybe even in history,² said Santorum.
The former senator was talking a day after Obama used the National Prayer Breakfast to quote St. Luke¹s Gospel that Jesus¹ teaching of ³Unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required,² should be interpreted to mean that Christ would have wanted the rich to pay higher tax rates.

³Jesus wasn¹t talking to the government,² said Santorum. ³He wasn¹t talking that the government should take more from you.

³He was talking about your responsibility to your fellow man, your responsibility to God to provide for the least among us and not your responsibility to fund Caesar.

³That is a complete misinterpretation of the bible.²