Mary Anna (18 Feb 2012)
"Randy (16 Feb 2012)  "Great photo on the it a coincidence?????""

"Is it a coincidence?"   If not, then deliberate and if deliberate, it could very well be God's warning in this prominent and successful photo sign, Randy. Mary Anna

 RAPTURE READY AIR.....hmmmmmm....I thought then......
 "From time to time I've seen that truck on the streets over the last 10 years..........
And now?  NOW, the company has TWO billboards (photo).   I can only take 2 routes to work every day. 
And on EACH route, they have a billboard!  Hmmmmmm.....I see it EVERY DAY!  
What conclusion can I draw from this?  Well, there are TWO......maybe three......
1) Apparently, the company is having a very SUCCESSFUL 
2) ???  Is God showing me that NO MATTER WHAT ROUTE I TAKE TO WORK, I just CANNOT get the "feeling that the Rapture is very very near OUT of my head.....NO MATTER WHAT!!! 
3) Is God showing me that the RAPTURE IS......VERY VERY NEAR????
Draw your own conclusion.  If God is using this company as a sign....or signal.....that we are in the Last of the Last Days.....then, God SURELY has a good sense of least for some of us!!"