Mary Anna (16 Feb 2012)
"A Special Prayer Request..."

Dear 5-Doves family,

    As one of the family I feel moved to ask for your prayers for the creator, John Tng.   Obviously he's one of Satan's Prime Targets because of all he's done in Five Doves for  many years and continues to do for the Kingdom of God.  It is imperative especially in these last days that we remember him in prayer so he may be able to withstand the wiles of Satan and have the strength, fortitude, mind and ability to win swift victories.  With our prayers and scripture, Satan must forfeit.  He cannot win and our prayers will protect John.  From the Bible we see prayers win many battles.  Satan is smart, a liar, cunning, and at war with us especially now since his time to finish his evil is so short.

I'm with you in prayer!
Mary Anna