Mary Adams (10 Feb 2012)





There has of late been much speculation and investigation into the mysterious “twitch” that has affected some girls in New York.  So far doctors, psychiatrists and specialists have come up with no answers.


One article I read even speculates the problem might be caused by involvement with Facebook, Twitter, or social media.


Many Christians in America are ignorant of Satan’s devices and reject any suggestion that evil spirits could be responsible. But having had almost three decades of world travel in Christian ministry, this phenomena is not new to me and is especially found in countries that are involved with witchcraft. (especially black magic).


Not saying these girls were involved, whether out of curiosity or otherwise, people are increasingly becoming involved in the occult…tattooing their bodies with Gothic symbolism and other satanic ritualism and having séances; totally ignorant of Satan’s devices.  There are even videos on UTube (which I warn anyone not to watch who is not covered by the blood of Jesus and is without fear of any kind) that  entice a young person to watch:  Leo Twitches and Satan Does the Tongue Thing While I Play Surprisingly Fitting Music.  DO NOT allow children to  watch these things!


I am aware that many Christians will reject what I say here as superstitious nonsense, but I feel I should share my thoughts and invite us all to not be ignorant of Satan’s “devices” and in so doing, overcome any fears of them as we learn truth and submit ourselves to God.


James 4:6  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."  Most people leave off the first part of this scripture!


An excellent study on SPIRITUAL WARFARE is below: