Mari (8 Feb 2012)
"April 27-29 Dr.Owuor meeting in Kenya"

The eary morning of april 28 2011 around 0300am i wake up from a very emotinally prophetic dream.I wake up and go to the dr.Owuor website and find his newest prophecy of april 27 2011-rapture of the bride is here, time is over,time is over.

Here goes my dream:
I was a student at a christian school that makes desciples.Like YWAM tipe kind.We were all young students around age 16-18 and we were suppose to pass a very important final exam in order to proove ourselvers.We were "In the end times,the very very beginning of tribulation" and were to go through it -our test.
We had a TV there in the room and we were watching the news on CNN.There were scenes of violence,fights in the Middle East,hurricanes/tornadoes,earthquakes,floods,the economy was falling, the dollar was deteriorating and crashed.WE all knew it was the end of times, that the antichrist was in the world and it all had to be OFFICIAL after the rapture.The antichrist was hiddind under a blanket waiting to reveal himself at the right time.Suddanly,he unveals himself and takes the blanket off.Then i see his "twin", his other half. They were two persons but represented one.I say:Ha! Look,the False Witness!Thesetwo are one!He had evil eyes,very scary eyes.
The anthchrict looked like a political figure,a very known one.NOT going to say who.
And he decided to make war with the christians and to persecute them in order to get rid of them.We knew that we had to die for Jesus if we wanted to be victorious
Then i was at the table and eating and thinking that i have to probably be tortured and didn't know how i will handle it,if i will be strong enough.I knew i love Jesus,and normally i would be willing to die for Him.I was just scared.Sudanly,i see Jesus acroos,at the other side of the table.And shame comes over me,i knew he knew my thoughts.He askes me then:Are you scared?Yes,i said.You should,He said,because you don't know how you will react then,when time comes. That bad it will be.The pressure will be great.
Then He said:you know,....i can take you with Me if you want to come.You don't have to go through all this.
Me:"But Lord,i thought i had to go through this,but if you want then Yes,i do want to go with You.
Yes,I do want to,He said.I have the right to if i want to.Let's go now in the upper room untill all this is over.

It was a little more in there,just something personal,beetwin me and Jesus.
My thought:wouldn't be nice if God aloud one more year since dr Owuor last rapture prophecy?That would be april 27-29 2012.Well...if Jesus doesn't come before then,then this wuold be a rapture watch for me.see you.