Mari (8 Feb 2012)
"april 2012?"

Hi, it' Mari again writing from my husband's gmail adress.English is not my first language...
Anyway,i've had 3 dreams in the last year about the month of april:one in march 2011and 2 in january 2012.Prophetic? I don't know.We have to wait and see.
The 2011 dream was like this: I was looking into prophecies and christian predictions on a calendar.Then i said to myself :"Why do they say that the rapture is on the 6th month,because it's nothing there,it' empty.It' the4th, it' s april.April was the conclusion!

2ND DREAM:Jan 21 st 2012-Me and my husband were moving out and were renting a new place.It was suppose to be a "step up" ....more space for the kids to play...a fixer upper but a step up definetely.My father in law comes and visits to see the place and having a positive atitude towards all this. Then,i tell him :"See you in april!"

3RD DREAM::jan 23 rd 2012-The rapture was suppose to happen ina few days.The moon was a big sign.Something about how it was andhow it looked was a sign.i remember it was smiling(a quarter of a moon) and had a cross sign within if i remember well.And then, the month of april was the month in which the beast was coming out of abys.After that it's about my unsaved brother....

I don't know if they are prophetic, we'll have to wait and see.
What is interesting is that i got the interpretation of my 2nd dream a few days later when i was praying in the spirit and and the dream came to my mind with the interpretation:My father- in -law is a type of a father,my Hevenly Father.That would translate like this:"Hevenly Father,see you in april"!
Wouldn't that be nice?