Lynnette (2 Feb 2012)
"Prophetic Letter"


Sharing from : Prophetic Letters

It was stated : Sabrina and I received these letters from a woman (she requested that we keep her identity private because the letters are so personal) who found the LORD’s letters on this website and she was amazed at the similarity of the messages and content to what she had been receiving from the LORD.  So we are posting her letters because the message is showing the same urgency as the “I Am Coming!” letters:  God bless!

Imminent Letters for Today’s End Time Events! 
Letter dated  January 31, 2012 posted at the bottom of includes:

Thank you for your obedience, you serve Me well!
My daughter, I Am anointing the ” Bride of Christ ” – with the Glory of the Lord!
My Bride will be given My Power, – as all that I have is hers and belongs to her, as she is a co-heir of Mine!…
My Bride is faithful, true, and wise!
I know that she will not misuse what I bestow upon her!…
The days are evil and wicked, but, My Bride carries My flame of light out into the darkness.
This is where My light bursts forth!…
Many will fall under, the power and glory of the Lord!
My light shines out brightly in the midst of darkness!
My light overcomes the darkness!
My Bride, the Bride of Christ, are overcomers!
My Bride will sit with Me on My throne!
My Bride will one day rule and reign with Me, – her King of Glory!
My Bride is her King’s greatest treasure!
My Bride is My Beloved!…
I Am coming for you My Bride!
Look Up !…Anytime now!…
You please us!…
I love you My Bride!…
Blessings to you all,Lynnette