Lydia F (7 Feb 2012)
"Desiré rapture dream, half-time show, prayer request"

Thanks, Desiré, for sharing that awesome dream. And if you hadn't told us that English is not your native language, I would not have been able to tell! Welcome to the 5 Doves family of believers.

I'm eagerly waiting for posts about the symbolism in Madonna's half-time show. I have seen that horned helmet before, and I know that one (or more!) of my friends will know what it signified.

My youngest daughter got engaged over the weekend, and at a family dinner Saturday night, her fiance, Nico, after a few glasses of wine, started in on politics and religion...the politics part wasn't too bad, except that he mentioned we shouldn't be supporting Israel (of course I put in my two cents on that after my ex-husband made a sound of disagreement - I looked over at Richard and said, "Genesis 12:3 - Those who bless you I will bless, and those who curse you, I will curse", and Nico moved quickly to another topic. You should know, too, that my ex now has a "male life-partner", who is Jewish, and we were at their home for this dinner!) Anyway, Nico then started challenging my Christian beliefs in a series of mocking questions. Joy was trying desperately to get him to stop talking. Although she was smiling, she actually took the ring from her finger and held it up in front of him! My family was laughing and making those "ooh, she means business" noises, but it didn't deter him. He said, "Fine", took the ring and put it in his pocket! After a couple of minutes of him talking over me, I told him in no uncertain terms that he just needed to stop talking. I had to repeat myself, but he finally did stop. He went home yesterday and I haven't had a chance to talk to Joy yet, but her strong-Christian best friend was there as well and Joy spent time with her last night. He and I get along well for the most part, and I like him, but...when he hugged me goodbye, he jokingly said something like, Just think, a while lifetime to argue with me, and I said, Yeah, I'm taking up kick-boxing. They both laughed.

I spoke to my pastor briefly yesterday and asked another friend to pray, and I ask for your prayers as well - for Nico's salvation and for Joy's discernment and getting back to what she knows to be true. She has an older sister who is married and a wise older brother who was also at the dinner and continued the conversation with Nico after I went home. It did result in me having the best discussion with John (Richard's Jewish life partner) on spiritual things that we have ever had. God blessed and it was amazing!

Thanks for letting me share this - I don't want to voice this to very many people for obvious reasons. Joy is 23 years old and has to come to a decision on her own, and because I have a strong personality, she might dig in her heels if I say too much. I have plenty of points to bring up, but I am praying for wisdom, for the right words to say, and for God's timing on when to say it. I have learned the value and discipline of silence already, but am staying tuned to the Spirit's direction.

Lydia F