Lydia F (13 Feb 2012)
"Charles re: Will.I.Am song"

Wow, Charles! I looked up the video for "The Hardest Ever" and found it to be all you said and more. The first thing I noticed was that it is 4:44 minutes long. Then when the "music" started, it just about made my ears bleed. They must use a synthesizer to produce the sound like angry hornets. Lots of interesting symbols, too. The really awful thing is that this is what young people (even Christians) are listening to these days. I thought about copying the lyrics here, but they are just nasty, and I would have had to *** out too many words.

I really appreciated your post from Wings of Prophecy. I hadn't seen that yet, and it's exactly what I'm seeing happening in my own family.

I love all of you guys and get such a blessing from your posts every day. As for those whose dates have come and gone, thanks for being willing to go out on a limb, in faith, knowing that you may be wrong, but being faithful to share what the Lord has revealed to you anyway. I personally don't get disappointed when those dates pass without our deliverance coming. I know that every day that passes brings us one day closer, and that the door is still open for a little while longer for more souls to enter His Kingdom. I know that God is in control, that the battle is the Lord's, and I'm thankful that He continues to gives us hints, clues, signs, evidences that Christ's return is near.

Lydia F