Liz Tracy (20 Feb 2012)
"Only Watchers Go - Really?"

Hi Doves,
It is such a joy being part of this family here at Doves. I love the way we all stick together - through thick and thin - all with the same blessed hope - the soon return of our King!  Kudos, John for your tireless work here!  With that said I have to share something that has been weighing heavily on my heart for a while now.  While my flesh enjoys the special feeling I get from thinking I'm special because I'm watching and therefore "guaranteed" a ticket in the first rapture, my spirit is struggling.  A couple of weeks ago a missionary spoke at our church and I was extremely humbled. She spends every moment of every day of her life in the most remote, God forsaken anti-christian part of the world feeding and helping lost people come to know Jesus. She doesn't even have electricity, let alone a laptop with Internet access to Five Doves, etc. So technically she isn't "watching". She's far too busy serving.  Will she really be left?  Really?  No - I just can't get my brain around that one!  So I think we need to be careful when we start thinking we are part of some elite group who, just because we sit in our warm cozy homes drinking our Starbucks and reading Doves, etc. we will go while others who are out there doing so much more than I am for the Kingdom are left.
Please understand my brothers and sisters, I don't mean to offend or start a controversy, I'm just trying to gently share with my family here that we need to be careful and not think too highly of ourselves because we are "watchers". We are blessed, yes, that He has called us to watch and has revealed so much to us. But He also called us to serve!
Love you all in Jesus!