Leigh (13 Feb 2012)
"wow.... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

All beloved in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour!!!!!   I listened to Paul Begley today and what he said is the most awesome news ever!!!!!    We now KNOW that we are in the midst of the seven year Tribulation. I studied it in depth and am very sure of what I have found!!!! Ron Reese said the 7 years started with the stock market crash in 2008 and Paul told about how many souls are being saved right now ... Even muslims getting baptised in the river Jordan!!!  Even doctors found a cure for cancer, it was in the Bible all the time: By His stripes we are healed!!!  Funeral homes are switching over to youth clubs. He says there wasnt even a car in the parking lot at the abortion clinics...  The U N may be closing down. So what is happening?  The dry bones of Ezekiel 37 ( just before chapter 8 Gog and Magog)  are coming to life!!!  Joel says at the end of days your sons and daughters will prophecy,  old men will dream dreams. We see this in Hosea and also in Matthew 24. Isaiah chapter 60 as well. GOD said I will revive you on the third day  ( we are 2,000 years past the birth of Jesus and now in the third day!!! But WHEN will this revival of christians take place? Just before the sun goes dark and the moon turns to blood. Read Hosea 6 and Joel 2.  Mark Biltz told us that we will have blood moons and dark suns in 2014 and 15. This is where the 10 virgins are. WHERE will we find oil???  The Holy Spirit will be found where the oil is pressed. When things go wrong we seek GOD!!! In the tribulation. There will be two groups: The apostacy church (Laodicea) and the true worshippers who know the voice of our Shepherd... They go in at the door when their names are called!!!   GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY!!!  The first trumpet can blow AT ANY TIME NOW!!!!  Dr Owuor saw the Rapture in April last year and he started preaching in 2003 I think.  Thats when the Glory of the LORD has started coming down. TILL???  Till the last gentile has come in and be saved. When the number which GOD has decided on is FULL then the shofar will blow!!! A pastor said the Holy Spirit said to him that theres no more time to worry about other just make sure that YOUR FAMILY IS RIGHT WITH GOD. CLAIM THE BLOOD OVER EACH OF THEM praying that GOD will have their names written in the book of Life. We all know when they will say  Peace and security then the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION will fall upon the earth. Are you saved???  Is your family saved???  DONT ever get the 666 mark of the beast after the rapture. Run to JESUS now, please He and HE ONLY is the door to our Creator and Father, GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!  I love you all Shalom Leigh (nickname) Australia