Kurt S (20 Feb 2012)
"Name Change"


Name Change


There is only one nation in the history  world that fits the description of Babylon in the Old Testament and that is  the United States of America.


The group of people who are currently in power in the USA and will probably continue to stay in power HATE the United States of America.


 They hate the person credited with discovering America….. Christopher Columbus


They hate the founding Fathers….. Men of God …. Christians


They hate the Constitution….. Biblically based


They hate America’s founding principles…. Liberty, freedom


They hate Americas heritage…. Missionary work…. Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world


They that America is wealthy


They hate that America is powerful


 AND I believe they the hate  the name  United States of America and everything it stands for....  and will eventually change it to something they  are more comfortable with



Kurt S