K.S. Rajan (8 Feb 2012)

By Paul McGuire
I have been doing a tremendous about of research on coming economic, social and political trends. In addition, I have been seeking the Lord and crying out to God for answers for you, your family and the people. As I have shared with you before, I call this process scientific and prophetic analysis, because I incorporate God's Word and precepts in the analysis. In addition, I wait on the Lord until I receive a Word or message from Him, just like a minister waits on the Lord before he gives a message.
Paul McGuire Fox News
For those of you who ask about my background, I hosted the nationally syndicate Paul McGuire Show, a radio talk show that broadcast and was nationally syndicated. Also, I a, a television and radio commentator. I have debated former Presidents like Jimmy Carter, Prime Ministers, Senators and countless economists, editors of publications like the Wall Street Journal and other leading financial publications on the Fox News Network, asa regular guest on programs like Cavuto, O'Reilly, CNN, etc.
I am a licensed minister, a professor of Bible prophecy at a University and Seminary and an internationally recognized Bible teacher whose ministry has been endorsed by many key Christian leaders. I am the author of 22 books and leading commentator who wrote the notes and commentary from Genesis to Revelation for Dr. Jack Hayford, on a major Bible release.
  There is a gathering storm coming to America and the other nations of the earth. The global economic system and the U.S. dollar are being manipulated to bring in a New International Financial Order and a one world government. We are moving into a transition process and in the transition process there is going to be massive social upheaval, riots in the streets, mass demonstrations and the military are going to be moved into position to control the chaos