K.S. Rajan (7 Feb 2012)

By Paul McGuire
Iran is building a nuclear missile that can hit the United States. The Iranian nuclear missile is under construction at an Iranian research-and-development facility. The Iranian long-range missile has a range of 6,000 miles, which can nuke a major city in the United States. If Iran develops multiple nuclear missiles, which some military experts believe they will this would give Iran the ability to nuke multiple cities in the United States, simultaneously.
Moshe Yaalon, Israel's vice prime minister and minister of strategic affairs announced in a speech that the missile under development had a range of approximately 6,000 miles. Mr. Yaalon pointed out that the missile was being built to strike, "the Great Satan," which is an Iranian term for America. Yaalon stressed that the nuclear missile, "Is aimed at America and not Israel."
If the intelligence is accurate, it puts Iran's nuclear missile program way beyond the 1,500 mile reach that was previously projected. The 1,500 missiles could reach Israel and parts of Europe.
Yaalon said, "That the West does not yet realize how much of a threat is posed by Iran, which he called "a nightmare for the free world." In reality, he said, Israel in the Iranian regime's eyes is only the "little Satan," while America, as leader of the West, is "the larger Satan."
In 2006, Rakan bin Williams, an al-Qaeda commander stated: "I will not give any more clues; this is enough as a wake-up call. Perhaps the American people will start thinking about the magnitude of the danger that is coming their way
There is a radical Islamic belief that an apocalyptic event will usher in the second coming of the Islamic messiah, the Mahdi. As such it is the duty for Islamic leaders like, The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to usher in the second coming of the Twelfth Imam or Mahdi by bringing on a nuclear war. It was Ahmadinejad who had a vision while speaking at the United Nations, a few years ago where the room was bathed in an eerie green light and he was given instructions about what he must do.
A few days ago, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for a new world order of justice-seeking nations, to replace the existing Western-dominated liberal status quo. President Ahmadinejad called for a new world order at the inauguration ceremony of the 2nd International Conference on "Hollywoodism and Cinema in Tehran." Ahmadinejad said that this new world order needs to be all inclusive and not be dominated by a single nation.
There are over twelve million Iranian believers, who are called "Twelvers"- who are the followers of the Twelfth Imam who believe that the world must enter the apocalypse before the Islamic Messiah or Mahdi will return. This Mahdi will reappear and the world will be under the total rule of Islam. Therefore when the President of Iran talks about a new world order, he is really talking about an Islamic new world order. Those who will not bow to Islam will die