K.S. Rajan (7 Feb 2012)
"report by BILL KOENIG"



Leak indicates Israeli attack on Iran ‘certain,’
'believes Iranian response will be to attack Israel and nobody else'
(video at link)
According to his Post opinion page colleague Charles Krauthammer, based on the source behind Ignatius’ claim it is likely an attack will occur.
On this weekend’s broadcast of “Inside Washington,” Krauthammer explained his thought process.
'Iran can destroy Israel in 9 minutes'

Iranian blogger urges Tehran to exploit West's inaction
to 'wipe out Israel' by 2014; lays out strategy
Iran warns neighbors not to facilitate strike against it

Revolutionary Guards official makes warning as military exercise kicks off in southern Iran, says "any spot used by the enemy for hostile operations will be subjected to retaliatory aggression."
Iranian warships dock at Saudi port

A general view shows Jeddah Islamic Seaport in the Red Sea.
Iranian naval ships docked on Saturday in the Saudi port city of Jeddah on a mission to project the Islamic republic's "power on the open seas," the Fars news agency reported.
The supply ship Kharg and Shaid Qandi, a destroyer, docked in the Red Sea port in line with orders from Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, it quoted navy commander Admiral Habibollah Sayari as saying