K.S. Rajan (29 Feb 2012)

Feb 27, 2012
Muslims Gone Wild
A series of riots has swept over the nation of Afghanistan. Thousands of enraged Afghans have taken to the streets to vent their outrage after U.S. soldiers inadvertently set fire to copies of the Koran when clearing out a library of old books.
More than thirty people have been killed since the unrest began, including four U.S. soldiers. A group of demonstrators tried to attack the U.S. consulate in the city of Herat, setting police vehicles on fire.
We've been down this road before. Last year, at least twenty-four people died in protests across Afghanistan after Rev. Terry Jones threatened to burn a Koran outside his Florida church. In 2005, there were violent disturbances over claims of the Koran being mishandled, but those allegations turned out to be false.
Top American officials in Kabul are apologizing profusely for the incident. President Barack Obama has sent a letter to Afghan President Hamid Karzai apologizing for the Koran burning.
"I wish to express my deep regret for the reported incident," Mr. Obama wrote in the letter. "I extend to you and the Afghan people my sincere apologies."
I am just dumbfounded over the idiocy of this situation. It should be obvious that there was no malice on our part. It's insane to have the president of the U.S. groveling before people who are incapable of understanding the kindness we gave them. Before the American invasion, the Taliban brutalized the nation. We spend over a trillion dollars on this rat hole, and when we leave in 2014, the Taliban will probably be voted back into power.
GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is the only political person I could find with a reasonable view of this matter. He said a U.S. apology to Afghan authorities for burned Qurans on a military base was "astonishing" and undeserved.
"There seems to be nothing that radical Islamists can do to get Barack Obama's attention in a negative way, and he is consistently apologizing to people who do not deserve the apology of the president of the United States, period," Gingrich said.
It's too bad Muslims are unable to focus their outrage on offenses taking place within their own ranks. The Afghan people should stop by the Syrian embassy and throw a few rocks at it to protest the genocide that President Bashar al-Assad is committing against his own people.
There was another incident of Muslim madness in Jerusalem. Riots broke out on the Temple Mount after a right-wing activist posted online ads with calls to "cleanse the Arabs from the al-Aqsa Mosque."
After Friday's prayers, hundreds of worshippers began hurling rocks at the Mughrabi Bridge at the entrance to the Temple Mount, which prompted Israeli police forces to enter the plaza and attempt to scatter the protesters.
Why does the phrase "after Friday's prayers" always leads to something bad? In America, we don't call out the riot police every time Christians emerge from Sunday services. There is no justification for murder and mayhem.
The Muslim faith has deep moral flaws that are totally in compatible with Western values. You can't even trust a follower of Muhammad in our own legal system. Judge Mark Martin, an Iraq war veteran and a convert to Islam, threw out an assault case against a fellow Muslim who choked any atheist posting his religion.
American Atheists’ Pennsylvania State Director Ernest Perce wore a “zombie Muhammad” costume and proclaimed that he was the Prophet Muhammad risen from the dead at the Oct, 11, 2011, event in Mechanicsburg, Pa. A “zombie pope” was also featured in the parade that night. (http://www.wnd.com/2012/02/atheist-choked-by-muslim-and-then/)
Judge Martin is now using his authority to go after Perce. He has threatened to hold him in contempt of court for releasing the recording of him trying to trample on his free-speech rights. Perce claims he had permission to post the audio, and did so because the judge treated him unfairly and showed preferential treatment for the Muslim who attacked him.
It seems clear to me that Muslim appeasement is satanically driven. It's too illogical to be anything else. What will eventually break the anything-to-please-Islam spell will be a series of disastrous conflicts that these people will drag the world into. Right now, the Iranians are working to generate a war that will easily send oil soaring.
Things would be a lot better in the world if Western leaders had a sterner attitude towards the Muslim world. If you go back over the last two decades and erase any negative event related to Islam, you would be left with a period of amazing tranquility. The Bible already warns about the nature of the children of Ishmael:
"And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction. And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren" (Genesis 16:11-12).