K.S. Rajan (18 Feb 2012)

The Greek debt situation keeps getting worse as it nears economic Armageddon. The GNP is shrinking at an annual rate of 25 percent! This means the Greek economy has collapsed and is without hope. There is nothing that can help this nation; it is terminal. The rioting makes it even worse, as when stores close that is even a greater revenue loss.
The Hard Left in Greece will try and take over. All the Left can do is destroy. It is incapable of creating a nation. They tried with Communism and the French Revolution, both both failed and tens of millions died. Incredible bloodshed is coming to Greece, and all the nations as their economies collapse. The economic end-game is now very close. The collapse of Greece is going to shake the world. The same Hard Left element burning Greece is getting tuned up in America
 The Hard Left Fascists/reprobates are really starting to coalesce into a unified force. I would suspect that by election time the homosexuals, abortions, anarchists, communists, Islamists, open borders, union thugs will all be joined together in one movement. They will be violent, very violent and against Israel. This is the mob that will cause bloodshed in America.
"Currently, CMA is busy circulating a petition exhorting members of the American and Israeli armed forces to disobey their commanders if ordered to attack Iran—an attack that, according to CMA, would “violate morality, international and domestic law, and the interests of humanity.” By contrast, CMA asks nothing of Tehran, save its patient forbearance in the face of provocations from the Great Satan and the Little Satan. As CMA puts it, the United States is nothing more or less than “the world’s greatest terrorist,” a nation whose “bloody hands” give testimony to the many “reckless military assaults” it has launched throughout its history."