K.S. Rajan (17 Feb 2012)

U.S. Military Told to Prepare:
Special Forces ordered to be ready '1 March through October'

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta believes that Israel could attack Iran in an April-to-June timeframe, and there apparently has been a decision made for the U.S. to help in an assault on the radical Islamic nation’s nuclear facilities.
U.S. military sources tell WND that the Pentagon has begun preparations for “a number of operational plans and counter-operations,” with a Feb. 22 due date for submitting the plans.
There also is a request for identifying U.S. forces “by 1 March with a ‘through’ date of October.”
U.S. signals concern Iran, Russia arming Syria
A State Department official says Iran and Russia are providing weapons to Syria
that could be used against anti-government protesters.
Thomas A. Countryman, assistant secretary for international security and nonproliferation, said Wednesday that Iranian weapon shipments are a matter of deep concern for the Obama administration